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Disrupt system integration with our modular API-First payroll platform

Smart Payroll Solutions For Innovative System Integrators

G2N empowers system integrators to effortlessly incorporate cross-border payroll capabilities into their platforms, streamlining the management of international payroll processes. This enables system integrators to maintain complete control over the user experience, ensuring a seamless and customized payroll solution for their clients.

Get the most out of G2N

The implementation process is designed to configure your client’s system with the least disruption. We help you set-up the platform in a way that helps you meet your goals and get fast results.

Systems we integrate with

We can integrate with various disparate systems including ERPs, HRIS, and Human Capital and Benefits.

Delivering value faster than ever

Once implementation begins, you’ll start seeing immediate results. Our metrics-driven approach delivers real value incrementally and with speed, ensuring the features you invest in are working as they should, when you need them to be, as early as possible.

World class team empowering yours

Your empowerment is our success. With a team of dedicated specialists at your back and access to training materials throughout implementation and beyond, you’ll hit all your initiatives and then some – we’re simply the tool that helps get you there.

Empower, Simplify, Scale: System Integrator Toolkit

Unlock New Revenue: Become a Payroll Implementation Partner

For your payroll practice

Stand out as a payroll integration leader. Offer clients the next-gen tech that unlocks hidden profits.

Access through one portal

Single view to manage all your client’s payroll across multiple countries

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No manual processing

100% automated processes. No need for manual input or xlsx

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100% Compliance

Get the G2N computed data which is filing-ready

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Tailored to integrate existing HCM practices into an API-enabled single payroll product

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Mercans’ proprietary file mapping and integration tool streamlines all gross to net compensation data, keeping payroll automated, on time, and accurate.​