Single Global
gross to net computation Engine

pre-configured instances
universal gross-to-net CALC engine
Natively supports 100+ locales across the globe

Experience it Yourself

Fast, reliable and easy-to-use payroll calculation that helps businesses do more.

We are disruptors of the payroll tech industry

Introducing Perpetual Payroll - Where Results Await You Instantly!

Our engine maintains the payroll results in real-time, providing you with the convenience of instant access. No more processing delays or complicated procedures, just effortlessly extract and assemble your payroll results at your convenience.

Effortless New Country Payroll Implementation

Unlike Other Providers, We Run Payroll at the Employee Level

That’s right! The legacy approach of operating at the pay group level is now a thing of the past. Hence, our system operates at the micro-level, ensuring unprecedented precision and customization for each individual, marking a paradigm shift in payroll management. It's not just payroll; it's a transformative journey designed for the future of your business.


Introducing industry’s-first Payroll API. By consuming only payroll-related data, our Payroll API ensures a completely stateless experience. Automatic data flow minimizes customization, slashing configuration time to weeks, not months.

Our Calc Engine is Stateless & Autarkic

G2N payroll engine can process 100's of jurisdictions without the need for Unique Identification

We do not require

Native G2N Capabilities

Experience the ease of native gross-to-net capabilities that not only streamline processes but also boost accuracy while slashing processing times. The strength of G2N's single global payroll platform reinforces its performance, ensuring a seamless and impactful payroll experience.

Smart, Secure, and Future-Ready!

G2N's innovative Anonymous Payroll Approach harnesses AI and ML for enhanced payroll quality, ensuring security without requiring sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for calculation – a hack-free solution.

Powerful Payroll Super Engine

Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and manual data work


A Seamless Ecosystem of Connections

Bi-Directional Flow Between HR and Payroll

G2N seamlessly integrates with all HCMs, fostering smooth bi-directional data flows between essential HR and payroll tech stacks. Your systems, unified and empowered.

Your Choice, No Compromises

Onboard your existing vendors swiftly – no rip and replace. Consolidate data from all vendors in one central location, maximizing efficiency.

All-In-One Connectivity
Your Payroll, Your Way

Experience the ultimate in connectivity with G2N's payroll eco-system. It connects effortlessly to all payroll data sources – ERP and finance applications, time & attendance software, benefits systems, and payroll calculation engines. Your payroll, your way, all in one place.

World’s First Payroll Reconciliation Solution

Introducing Lightning-Fast Reconciliation

Our engine performs data comparison and auto-generates a report. Built-in comparison features detect inconsistencies and flag potential variances & discrepancies. Users can run different versions of payroll files and review results in minutes.

G2N Platform

Instantly reconcile payroll variances between inputs and G2N calculations.

G2N Platform

Resolve discrepancies in employee salaries, taxes, deductions, and benefits effortlessly.

G2N Platform

Streamline payroll approval with real-time variance monitoring—no third-party software or manual spreadsheets required.

G2N Integration Center

Smartest Integration Capabilities

That Perfect Global Payroll & Payments

By seamlessly unifying data sources and creating a Single Master Data Record, we transcend traditional boundaries. No one else offers this game-changing capability, allowing you to harmonize data effortlessly for a tech-advanced and comprehensive payroll solution

For instance, in Country A, data flows in from government portals and local HR tools. Conversely, Country B’s data might contain diverse fields.

G2N uniquely excels in merging this disparate information, crafting a cohesive Single Master Data Record.

Tired of juggling multiple HR systems? G2N syncs them all.

Integrate seamlessly from diverse sources

g2n platform

What happens post-connection?

Once your data syncs to the G2N Platform, our accuracy and compliance engine does the rest.

Unifies your data chaos into a seamless, straightforward, single, uniform format

Organize your worldwide workforce into projects categorized by location and employment type.

Acts like your payroll watchdog, double-checking the numbers and giving you a nudge when it's payday.

Generates personalized Business Intelligence reports using your workforce data

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