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Leverage our product to enhance your payroll services. Partner with g2n to extend these solutions to your network and facilitate expansion.

As a small & medium size business, you can perform functions for you and your clients, in your geography and everywhere else in the world and grow your business.

Payroll services

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G2N is hosted in the AWS cloud, and is certified according to GDPR, SOC1 Type II, SOC2 Type II, ISO 20000, 27001, 27017, and 27018 standards.

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G2N is hosted in the AWS cloud, and is certified according to GDPR, SOC1 Type II, SOC2 Type II,  ISO 20000, 27001, 27017, and 27018 standards.

G2N helps you safeguard yourself & grow

Scales alongside businesses

As your business expands, G2N can easily adapt to accommodate a larger workforce and meet evolving regulatory standards. Should you need to rapidly hire more staff, you can trust that new employees will seamlessly integrate into your organization and receive their first paycheck promptly. G2N is engineered to process computations for 1 to 120,000 records in real-time.

Tax Compliance

G2N allows you to export data quickly in a format accepted by taxation authorities so that you don’t have to worry about manual calculations or preparing multiple reports.

reduction in human error

Because payroll deals with tax compliance, even small errors can be costly. Payroll tax errors can result in IRS fines and even criminal charges.

Reporting and analytics

Customer reporting dashboards make it easy to keep a pulse on your payroll practices. From tracking error rates to monitoring overtime pay by department, these charts and graphs can help you track key payroll metrics, identify trends, and make more informed decisions about your workforce and budget.

Records Mismanagement

Digitize and store files in the cloud, safe from natural disasters or theft. G2N encrypts for safe data storage, preventing security breaches and leaks.

Multiple Pay Rates

Your business likely has different pay rates for each employee or even depending on their work type. Good payroll software should let you set multiple pay rates and automatically adjust payments accordingly. This helps to streamline your payroll processes, reduce manual errors, and ensure that everyone gets paid accurately and on time.

Time and money spent on payroll-related admin.

Automated payroll systems involve greater efficiency, reducing the time and money spent on payroll-related admin.

G2N Integrates with your existing HR technology stack

The biggest benefit of G2N lies in the ability to let your data do the work for you. For example, being able to sync your payroll and accounting solutions in real-time can give you better visibility into your company’s costs and cash flow.

Quality customer service

Issues arise at the most inopportune moments, so you’ll want to ensure you have a constant and reliable way to get the help you need and quickly resolve problems. Be sure to pick a vendor that has customer service on your preferred channels — whether that’s phone, email, chat, or video — as well as robust FAQs, tutorials, and help resources to help you self-serve, if needed.

Scalable Payroll Solution for Growing Startups & SMEs

As you achieve growth, G2N adapts effortlessly to support an expanding workforce and evolving compliance requirements. Designed for scalability, G2N handles real-time gross to net processing for 1 to 120,000 records, making it an ideal fit for small and medium-sized businesses.