Supercharge your HCM with G2N Payroll Technology Stack

G2N seamlessly integrates with all major HCM, ERP, Time & Pay and Attendance systems, empowering organizations to retain their existing infrastructure.

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Over 100 inbound and outbound integrations are available now
solution Seamless Payroll Integration
Elevate Your Tech Stack Instantly!

Plug & Play Integration Mastery

With G2N, we wield a comprehensive set of integration tools, connectors, and direct APIs, forming unbreakable bonds with HCMs, benefits finance apps, and calculation engines. Your systems seamlessly unite, delivering a harmonious, integrated experience that transforms the way you manage payroll.

Automate to Dominate

Streamlined Workflows

Embrace the future of payroll with our automated workflows, designed to eliminate manual entries and consolidate data streams. G2N ensures a flawless, efficient process that unifies your payroll management. Say goodbye to errors and hello to a new era of precision!

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AI Vigilance

Your Guardian Against
Payroll Anomalies

Experience payroll perfection with G2N's intelligent AI. Our vigilant system detects anomalies, identifies missing data, and spots discrepancies during import. Achieve fully accurate and compliant payroll operations effortlessly – because excellence is not an option; it's our standard.

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HCM integration with Global Payroll Engine G2N

Streamline your workforce management and compensation processes seamlessly

HCM integration with Global Payroll Engine G2N

Power of HCM & Payroll Integration

By combining payroll and human capital management softwares, companies are enabled to streamline core business processes, access important data in real time, and improve efficiency across the board. These enhancements not only allow HR professionals to focus on core HR functions, but also create a more seamless experience for employees throughout the full employee lifecycle. With this, organizations can achieve their business goals more effectively, while minimizing errors and redundancies in the process. These features help them decrease payroll processing and operational costs, enabling users to manage employee data more efficiently, monitor performance and compensation, and improve employee engagement.

Irrespective of your industry, you get the benefits from HCM and Payroll integrations.

Streamlined Processes

G2N’s integration with your existing HCM system streamlines payroll processes by providing a unified platform for employee and payroll data, enabling real-time cost management, reducing manual effort through data automation, and empowering HR with workforce insights to optimize spending, adjust roles, and prioritize hiring efforts for strategic decision-making.

Streamlined Processes

Real-Time Data Access

In G2N payroll, real-time data access empowers you to make quick decisions regarding your workforce, regardless of your company structure or HCM setup. You can gain instant insights into employee data by integrating G2N with your existing HCM system. This not only improves employee relations through personalization but also helps identify cost-saving opportunities and expedite processes. This unified approach unlocks the full potential of your HR strategy, streamlining operations across all departments.
This all-in-one payroll solution is the key to unlocking your HCM strategy’s full potential and facilitating more efficient operations across teams.

Real-Time Data Access

Improved Efficiency

Utilizing G2N technology within an HCM system creates a single source of truth for employee data, streamlining HR and payroll workflows. This translates to cost reduction through automation and eliminates redundancy. Real-time data empowers data-driven decision making, improving workforce satisfaction through efficient task completion and faster payroll processing. G2N essentially facilitates a nimbler HR function with improved reporting, analytics, and overall operational efficiency.

Improved Efficiency

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