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Single Global Gross To Net Payroll Engine

  • Easy to Integrate with HCM & WFM tools
  • 100+ countries covered
  • Lightning-fast and supremely accurate
  • Real time results without accessing or storing any PII
  • Purpose-built with horizontal engine architecture
  • Universal wage-type catalog structure

What we solve
Technology solutions for

System integrators
  • Ideal for companies with existing payroll practices.
  • Tailored to integrate existing HCM practices into an API-enabled single payroll product.
Service Providers
  • Payroll & Employer of Record (EOR) firms offering services tailored to single-country and regional needs.
  • Suited for businesses seeking standardized multi-country payroll solutions to efficiently manage multiple clients.
  • Ideal for businesses and service providers akin to Wipro and Infosys.
  • Suitable for product companies without payroll practices.
  • Tailored for companies already practicing payroll in selected countries but aspiring to go global.
  • Looking for a single marketplace partner for global payroll.
  • Wishing for on-demand, API-enabled payroll services.
  • Suitable for enterprises and organizations aiming to consolidate both, in-country and multi-country payroll processes into a single platform.
  • Partner with us to enhance and start offering compliant payroll services using our product.
  • Expand your reach and boost profitability by extending solutions to your network.

G2N Solves global payroll data privacy challenges forever

G2N Nova is the only payroll engine that is able to generate 100% accurate gross-to-net calculations for 100+ countries. And that’s not all, it does so through a single, native platform in real-time without accessing or storing any identifiable information related to employees.

This innovative payroll technology solution completely overcomes the complex data privacy compliance requirements, as confidential employee data never leaves the clients’ systems and is not needed by G2N Nova for gross-to-net payroll calculations.

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New in the G2N product suite

Stateless Application Architecture

First-of-its-kind innovation in the payroll industry

Anonymous Payroll

Does not require any sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Completely Independent

Does not store any information about the past session

Real-time Net Pay

Offers Continuous Calc feature which updates employee net pay in real-time, based on any changes to their records.


Unmatched global payroll accuracy with zero data privacy compromises

Key features built for global payroll

Empower your business with all the right tools to generate gross to net results and provide the best payroll experience to your workforce

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Purpose-Built Engine for Global Payroll

No more retrofitting, Just seamless solutions! Custom-built Gross to Net Payroll Engine for 100+ countries!

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Automatic Payroll Event Recognition

The Engine analyzes HR data, creates precise payroll events, and seamlessly integrates & extracts data from the HCM system

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Revolutionary Horizontal Design

Approach to gross-to-net payroll engine ensures consistency across geographies, standardizes the user experience, streamlines processes, and effortlessly expands into new countries

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Modular Structure

Efficiently integrating components such as payroll generation, prorated calculations, and input evaluations enables seamless addition of countries, ensuring scalability for organizations of all sizes

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Integration and Customization Capabilities

API-driven integration with HCM systems to fetch only payroll-related data, simplify workflows, and eliminate unnecessary overhead

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ISO 20000, 27001, 27017 & 27018, SOC 1 & 2 compliant solution which removes your burden of regulatory and data security compliance

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Best in Industry Support

Always available by email and phone to assist you in every step of the way

We don't miss a beat
Accuracy is our obsession.

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Join the 5,000 businesses using G2N

Focus on your business while we handle the complexities of G2N computation and payroll compliance for you.

Join thousands of satisfied users and streamline the payroll experience for your stakeholders.

Tailored to integrate existing HCM practices into a single payroll product that is seamlessly integrated with APIs.